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5 effective ways to generate sales leads online

If you run a business, you try to keep your customers engaged and you look for new ones. Leads generation is a marketing process that initiate the customer interest in your products or services.  The goal to achieve is the same for all: hot leads, companies or people who are highly interested in purchasing your product or service.

Before you start considering the best ideas how to get an access to the contact information, it is essential to identify the potential clients and their requirements. To prepare the best strategy, you have to know what the target group want and how to reach out to them. None of the methods can give you a perfect portrait of your potential customer. However, if you collect demographic  information as well as details regarding business situation of the group of people you want to attract to your products or services, you can move on and start generating sales leads.

Marketers choose online channels to generate leads for many reasons. While some of them put an emphasis on cost optimization and speed of action, others on the variety of tools that the Internet offers. The choice of generation methods depends on its effectiveness.

Let’s keep an eye on the experts’ opinions.

Growth Marketing

1. Social Media 

”(…) Leverage your brand and marketing efforts by exploiting the power of Social Media. LinkedIn has been the top ranked social media platform for B2B lead generation since it has the highest number of professionals and decision makers in the same place. Twitter and Facebook can be used to connect with consumers in an informal setting. Contests and promotions can be held with incentives for winners. This will not only increase interactions on your page but also give your brand more online visibility as people share and talk more about your promotion. (…)”

Melissa Hall – B2B Lead Generation Specialist, Chicago

2. Content marketing 

”Content marketing is the essence of marketing itself! Well payed and SEO friendly content strategy will help you to reach your target group, both viral and organic. It’s also the best way to generate demand on your products and establish good relations with your audiences. There are hundreds of possibilities but remember – good content in right place and time is always a king.”

Konrad Kwiatkowski, Marketing Manager and Co-Founder at Packhelp, Warsaw

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

”(…) What better way to help people find your website than by SEO. This is a way of making your website search engine friendly. Do note that you need to optimise your entire website for the best results and not just a particular page.

If you do not spend resources to SEO proof your website then search engines cannot rank your website or categorise your website for relevant keywords to your business. You do require both, on page and off page SEO. Merely copying the same SEO strategy from another website will not suffice. Your SEO strategy is unique to your website. More traffic leads to more B2B lead generation. To sum it up, the more you SEO proof your website, the more customers will know about your company. (…)”

Vedh Jagedish – Co-Founder & CEO at First Launch, India

Performance Marketing

4. E-mail marketing

(…) The first thing we associate with salesy emails is that they are selfish and annoying. The senders try to sell for their own profit. They don’t consider whether the person who receives the offer sees some value in it. The senders contact as many people as possible writing the same message over and over. (…)

Emails that don’t look salesy, on the other hand, are highly personalized. They are written with the addressee in mind. They don’t feel impersonal and generic. The sender includes relevant information about the addressee. If you get your addressees genuinely interested in your email, they won’t put your message to a spam folder.

In order to create a highly-personalized email, research the companies before contacting them. Find their first name, second name, title, company websitea. Look up their social media profiles. (…)”

Mary Siewierska – Junior Social Media Specialist at Woodpecker.co, Wroclaw

5. Paid search campaign

”Though paid ad’s have a wider coverage and gives you options to customize your audience so essentially there is no specific point where you need to trigger the paid ad’s activity. Mostly people opt for this paid strategy when the order volume gets too low or sales start taking a dip. But some key points where paid ad’s play a bigger role is during any specific occassion or when you know that traffic will be moving online. Eg: mothers day cake for a baker. World search for cakes on mothers day. If India wins ICC Champions trophy then may be discount on every “blue” product in catalogue! Idea is, the ad should be relateable to the person seeing it on the other side of screen!

If its relatable its workable !!”

Kushagra Rastogi – Key Account Manager at Times Business Solutions, India

Assuredly, many businesses spend thousands on the leads generation methods presented above. However, it is a mistake to follow only “Top 10 marketing tactics”, „the best 5 ways to generate leads” and the approach based on tools without a well thought out communication concept.

One of the indispensable elements of an effective lead generation campaign is the careful observation of key performance indicators such as traffic or conversion rates. By controlling these values ​​for different landing page versions, you’ll find out which solutions are most effective. You will be able to optimize them so that your lead generation strategy delivers the best, measurable results.


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