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Enhance your reality – AR Apps

As soon as Apple introduced the new iOS 11 with ARKit, it has enabled the widespread use of augmented reality applications. Very soon this technology has become a global trend. When we hear about augmented reality, it usually refers to the interactive and spatial realization of concepts. Digital objects such as 3D models or video are projected onto our reality, as if they were real.

More and more companies are beginning to benefit from the potential of AR and its widespread availability. By creating new applications that use the ARKit platform, they encourage their potential customers to take advantage of their offers. Innovative campaigns are about building relationships with the consumer and increasing engagement. Many world’s brands have quickly pointed out their presence among fans of innovative solutions.

How exactly can this technology be used?

In the world of science or entertainment, as well as in everyday tasks – this is a brief overview of selected applications that use augmented reality.

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IKEA Place – how to select a sofa to the redecorated living room

The app includes 3D models in real shape and size of IKEA furniture. You can easily put them in view of your own home and see (not imagine) your new kitchen or living room.

AR MeasureKit – how to measure a table or a pizza without a ruler

The app includes 7 different measuring tools to quickly and easily check the actual size of the picture on the wall, the growth of your friend, or check the distance from your camera to a designated point in the surrounding reality.

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AR Solo Basketball – how to become Marcin Gortat while awaiting the arrival of the train

The app allows you to move in three dimensions, detect free space wherever you are and place a 3D image of the basketball court in it. You can play basketball in the garden or at the train station.

Packhelp – custom packaging – how to pack your Christmas gifts.

The application allows you to design boxes according to your own ideas. Thanks to the visualization provided by AR, you can check if the purchased gift will fit in your original box.

Sky Guide AR – how to distinguish planets from stars

The app recognizes celestial bodies in the view of the sky that surrounds you. All you have to do is to hold the device facing the sky and you will know if it is a star or planet that shines so bright above your head.

The augmented reality used in mobile applications allows us to move freely in three dimensions, but above all it changes the way we look at the world around us. We can check our imagination in such a simple and fast way. Just download the app and check it!


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