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Warsaw, Poland

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The need

Credo is a financial platform that helps entrepreneurs stay in control of the business, financial and legal side of their operation.

The company approached Move Close in need of a complete overhaul and redesign of their platform. Alongside the UX and UI redesign, the new site had to show the sum of all 5 products and services offered, and deliver it in a way that’s easy for potential customers to consume.

In the past, the client had great success in using the blog to educate, inform and entertain customers and new users about the value of their product. One core element of the redesign of the website, was that the blog was to be improved, made easier to read, and much more aestetically pleasing.

The solution

A team of 8 UX and UI web design specialists spent time researching similar companies from all over the globe. After learning about best practises and other loved products in the financial UX space, the team got to work creating an improved version of the platform. With over 20 stakeholders on the client’s side, there was a lot of time and effort spent making sure that everyone was on the same page with the development of the project.

The new website was created on a brand new WordPress 5.0 install. After working with the client to create a comprehensive design system, this new branding and design was implmeneted sitewide, and was the basis for the fully-customisable and mobile-friendly content displayed.

Once the bulk of the website was built, it was time to start building a marketing automation system around the website. We decided to use User Engage to help take the new website to the world and spread brand awareness. This comprehensive tool takes care of marketing automation, email marketing, sales calls, push notifications and more. Once installed, the Crido team was able to enjoy an easy to read and actionable marketing dashboard showing clear and concise ROI and CAC.

The team of 8 ui web developers were also responsible for migration over 2000 blog articles from the old website to the new one. After 6 months from the initiation of the project, the new product was launched.

The winner

The results of the new website surpassed the expectations of the client.

Thanks to the quality performance marketing campaign, visits to the website increased by an average of 20% in Q1 2019. With more traffic coming to the website, the client is now able to fine-tune their marketing strategy to attract more relevant clients.

Blog traffic increased roughly 40% in that same time, which enables the client’s marketing team to create a data-backed content strategy, writing blogs that appeal to their ideal reader. Thanks to the better UI of the website, such as a pop-up subscription box, newsletter subscriptions also increased by 30%, equating to a massive increase in leads and potential clients for Crido.