Awarded collaboration with a global NGO to rise environmental awareness in Poland






core technologies


The need

The betterment of the environment is something that Move Closer is very passionate about. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to work with Ekopatrioci, a social campaign created by WWF & McCann World Group Poland. The social campaign was aimed at raising ecological and environmental awareness in Poland. The website would explain to Poles the current problems and challenges that the country faces on an environmental level, and what can be done to help out mother nature.

WWF and MWGP needed a fully working and functional webpage to host the wealth of information that was to be made available. Audience tests proved that the launch would get a large amount of traffic upon launch, with most traffic coming from mobile devices. This meant that the project had to have a mobile responsive design, but the UX design also had to also encourage a reader to click through and dive deeper into all the presented content.

For this reason, the client decided to pick us as their web design agency. Having worked with  McCann World Group Poland many times in the past, supporting them with web design and mobile web app solutions for their clients, they knew that we were the best web design agency for their task.

The solution

Straight away, the team went and looked at other initiatives executed in other parts of the world to draw inspiration and build a benchmark. Areas in the UK, such as London, Leeds and Manchester had had similar successful initiatives in the past, and this was a major source of inspiration. The team regularly updated the client with multiple design options, and after agreeing on a plan, worked to incredibly tight deadlines to meet the launch date.

The website was built using WordPress, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, and Webpack. Being a brand new website built from scratch using multiple technologies, thorough testing was needed to make sure everything was not just stable, but also reliable. This industry standard technology was the most reliable and meant that the UX design team could work toward their deadline in a more efficient manner.

One of the client’s requirements was that the website had to have the ‘wow effect’, an effect that would make the reader stay on the website longer, and delve deeper into the content, thus absorbing the information and taking the initiative’s message to heart. This added an extra challenge to the company’s UX team, as they had to create a way to capture and maintain the user’s attention

The winner

The final website was created, tested and implemented before the deadline, much to the happiness of the client. Comprehensive testing in multiple environments using multiple devices ensured that the mobile responsive website would work flawlessly on mobile, desktop and tablet devices, no matter the level of traffic.