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Including the digital changes in online presence, Happy Color’s company sees 20% increase in sales


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The need

Happy Color is a producer and distributor of office supplies and stationery. Since 1990, the company has been expanding its market penetration in retail stores and amongst other distributors. The company had a large offline and in-store presence, but no online presence. With the increase in demand for their products, Happy Color wanted to expand onto the online market.

Happy Color saw Move Closer’s previous work for one of Europe’s largest e-commerce companies, Packhelp, and their custom B2B e-commerce platform. As they needed a similar solution, they turned to Move Closer team. Move Closer team has a wide range of web development skills, from web store development and web design, all the way through to digital marketing. They entrusted us to take their nationwide company with more than 25 years of history, into the modern e-commerce world; a task that we were eager to be a part of. Happy Color had particular goals in mind. 

Firstly, our web development agency had to create an entire online presence for the brand in order to boost its net retail revenue. Secondly, all this had to have a positive ROI in just 6 months from the launch of the website. Knowing the exact goals of the company, we were able to create a plan with pinpoint accuracy about how we would achieve them. 

The solution

Happy Color was extremely pleased to see such a detailed plan of attack so targetted to their needs. The plan was broken into three parts: e-commerce website development, performance marketing and analytics implementation, A/B testing and campaign optimisation.

The foundation of the client’s online presence was their online web store. Using Prestashop, a fully open-sourced and scalable e-commerce solution, we were able to build a web store that showcases the client’s products. Our web development agency also set up online payment options, CMS and after-sales support systems for the client, but also advanced marketing features like SEO, and integrations with other third-party tools in the form of APIs.

After setting up and testing the online store, it was crucial to start getting sales as soon as possible. After thoroughly researching the brand’s competitors and creating buyer personas, we used Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to drive highly-engaged and ready to buy traffic to the new e-commerce store.

Now, most eCommerce agencies would stop here and hand the project over to the client. But MC wanted to get the absolute best results for the client. This is why we decided to implement detailed web analytics, A/B testing and then optimise the marketing campaigns based on data.

The result

The end result of digitalized B2C store was an incredibly happy client. Happy Color Stationery now enjoys a solid online presence that’s still maintained and supported by the Move Closer team. With a low CAC (customer acquisition cost) and efficient remarketing strategy, the client now sees e-commerce as one of the most important ways of taking their brand to the world.

The client's feedback

The team led us through the process of implementing e-commerce and achieved the assumptions. Mikołaj (CEO), as a team leader, always professionally advises, is a person who builds a bussines network, sees potential opportunities for cooperation between clients.

Beata Kierzkowska-Redźko

R&D & Marketing