Complete front end development and Performance marketing resulting in a 40% increase in sales within EU
2.5 M Euro seed round funds raised




Custom packaging



core technologies


The need

What’s the most important thing for an innovative b2b ecommerce concept that’s been vetted by investors? Customers. And Packhelp is the b2b ecommerce business that Move Closer helped with their unique ecommerce web development needs. Packhelp is an online tool that lets customers design and order their customised packaging and have it delivered to their door. The client was in need of an experienced ecommerce web development team to help create a robust front end and drive highly-engaged customers to their products via PPC advertising. This is where we stepped in. As a niche business, the thriving startup needed an ecommerce web design agency that knew the value of minimising friction and making it as easy as possible for a user to complete the checkout process.

The solution

With a complicated task in front of them, the ecommerce web design agency doubled-down in understanding what exactly was required of them, and the best way to create the ideal situation for the fledgeling b2b ecommerce company. Competitor research, as well as a thorough inspection of similar ecommerce tools, laid the foundation to create a tool that wasn’t just up to the industry standard but redefined it.

As an online store, our client needed an open source ecommerce solution that had customisable and extensive UX options in order to create an ecosystem that made the company so unique.

While the web design agency got stuck into creating the front end elements, the performance department starting to drive engaged traffic to the existing platform. The data provided by this traffic helped both Move Close and Packhelp understand the patterns and habits of their target customer. Friction points were removed, lengthy processes shortened and ultimately, the most important metrics increased. PPC advertising, usually used to simply increase sales, was this time used to create a data-based user interface. Using PPC in ecommerce web development is a perfect example of an ecommerce web design agency thinking outside the box to create the best possible solution for a customer.

Later down the track, the data from this performance marketing campaign was then used to streamline the manufacturing and logistical process of the company all throughout Europe. This helped the b2b ecommerce brand realise its business goals quicker and secure another round of funding.

The win

Move Closer’s accurate consulting, performance marketing and ecommerce web development helped Packhelp reach its potential markets in more than 40 countries. This, in turn, resulted in phenomenal growth in the team size and business activities where they registered an overall growth in sales of 40% within the EU. Today the company is recognized as one of the most successful startups in Poland. Having raised over €2.5m in seed funding. A perfect example for young entrepreneurs and business minds.

The Client's feedback

We love their results driven mindset.

Konrad Kwiatkowski

Co-Founder at Packhelp