From a startup to a successful business across 42 countries in 20 months




Custom packaging



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The need

What does an Innovative business idea, a concept vetted by investors need? Customers. Packhelp is a business specializing in bespoke packaging where customers can customize their needs and have it delivered at their doorsteps. With everything taken care of Packhelp was still contemplating on finding the perfect recipe for customer acquisition when they brought Move Closer on board as their digital partners. With a niche business in likes of customized packaging, accuracy of the solutions was paramount.

The solution

With a complicated task at hand the experts at Move Closer ensured that understanding the requirements of the project in through details would be the right start and they left no stone unturned. Packhelp is a business which is an e-commerce company selling a physical product through an online e-commerce which made the UX aspect most important, for customer to get into and design customized boxes. Move Closer started with strong Front-end development and Performance Marketing with accurate analytics. The market research techniques applied by Move Closer helped Packhelp to understand important patterns and habits of their potential customers, which was important for their product development. Spot on PPC marketing helped to identify and reach-out to a much wider geographic area, understand the market dynamics and comprehensively structure their manufacturing and logistical operations in perfect alignment with their business goals.

The win

Move Closer’s accurate consulting, performance marketing to market to who it matters and development supported Packhelp to reach its potential markets in more than 40 countries, resulting in a phenomenal growth in team size and business activities where they registered an overall growth in sales of 40% within the EU. Today Packhelp is recognized amongst the most successful startups in Poland which has managed to raise over EURO 2.5 million in its seed funding. A perfect example for young entrepreneurs and business minds.

The Client's feedback

We love their results driven mindset.