Zero Gravity & Ski Planet

Design and build right from the concept phase Over 36% increase in sales Significant outreach and Increased brand Awareness through performance marketing


Zero Gravity & Ski Planet


Tourism, Ski resorts


LAAX, Alpes

core technologies


The need

Design and web development at Move Closer form the core of our DNA. Our expertise in creating solutions from scratch has made us a well-known web development agency not just in our home of Warsaw, but throughout all of the CCE region. This put us in a position to help us take an incredible idea and bring it to life. Move Closer partnered with Zero Gravity and Ski Planet for the redesign and website development of their online reservation platforms. These platforms are used to browse and book sporting and leisure activities all around the world. Users are at different points of the buying cycle (awareness, consideration, interest, preference or purchase), so the platform had to minimise friction while offering a number of complex features.

The Solution

The task was to create an intuitive, easy and comprehensive booking system for clients to book their activities. Move Closer boasts one of the most experienced teams of Laravel and WordPress web development, so this was an opportunity for the team to put all their skills into action. The client put high importance on a detailed UX design and website development that could speed up the booking process, minimise friction and require as little instruction and guidance as possible. With regular contact and updates, the Move Closer web development team delivered a flawless website with that far surpassed the expectations of the client. Move Closer is not a typical web development agency, as it also works closely with the client to manage their performance marketing goals. A clear understanding of industry standards combined with the technical expertise of the Move Closer web development company are the key factors that delivered results exceeding the client’s expectations.

The Winner

Both reservation platforms saw an increase in bookings by 36%Now, being built using Larvel and WordPress, the website development is easy to update and maintain on a regular basis, and it less prone to bugs. Quality performance marketing executed by Move Closer generated a tremendous increase in brand awareness and thus helped increase bookings by nearly 40%. The design and web development by Move Closer showcase the skills and abilities of the team, and their ability to go above and beyond what every other web development agency is willing to do.

The client's feedback

Great partners! With a new website we increased brand awareness and sales significantly.

Natalia Strahl

PR Specialist