About product design

What is a product design audit?

It’s crucial that custom software not only does the job it’s been created to do, but that it can also grow, adapt and change as the demands of the user does so too. But as this evolution unfolds, your organisation needs to have a deep understanding of what’s changing and why. That’s where a Product Design Audit can help. 

Product design audits

As the name suggests, a Product Design Audit is a way to take a step back and analyse your product from several different aspects. This includes components, objectives, user flows, technology, and taking stock of everything that your digital product is composed of. A product design audit begins by identifying the most high-level ‘thing’ in your software (usually the user’s objective) and documenting everything that happens to get your user to reach that objective. User flows are the culmination of the decisions a user makes in your software that takes them from one place to another. Ultimately, a user flow sees a user arrive at their final destination, their objective. This flow goes over several pages where a user gathers information or interacts with other elements to reach that objective. 

Putting it all together

A flow is made up of many types of behavioural patterns. For example, entering your details to create an account. If flows and patterns are disjointed, difficult and over complicated, your product is hard to use and won’t be as helpful to a user as it should be. 

The value of product design audits

A product Design Audit takes an in-depth look at the way your product or software is laid out. It identifies flows that are convoluted and patterns that have too much friction. Specialists then decide on ways to reduce that friction, improve your website or software, and ultimately improve the way that your digital product meets the goals of your business.