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Build and launch a new store

Small & medium business


  • Ideal for new and smaller stores

  • Easy to use

  • Low implementation cost

Perfect for companies with several SKUs or needing to validate a product.

Starting from €15,000

This estimate includes product, UX/UI and software development.

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Ecommerce stores with product-market fit

Magento 2

  • Best for international sales

  • Full customization

  • High performance

The optimal solution for larger companies on international markets.

Starting at €70,000

This estimate includes product, UX/UI and software development.

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Own tech

Custom platform

  • Ticketing systems

  • Backoffice, customer service

  • Other custom solutions

Schedule a call and let’s get into details of your custom ecommerce project.

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Optimize existing store

If you’re reading this text, you probably run your own ecommerce store (but if you don’t, click here to tell us what you need). You’re also more than likely facing different challenges like slow-loading pages, problems with the UX customer journey, or incorrect configuration between your ecommerce engine and invoicing system/ERP. At Move Closer, we run over 50+ ecommerce platforms and can put our skills and experience to work for you.

Business model consulting

We have successfully launched a wide range of different product ideas and are brave enough to go and say that we’ve also failed a couple of times. Through this success and failure, we’ve learned that we can help businesses and entrepreneurs like you create a top-notch ecommerce business forecast model, a must-have exercise all businesses should have on hand before launching a product.

Full service ecommerce

Full service ecommerce is a unique service that we offer to enterprise clients in the CEE region. We can take care of all backoffice operations so you can focus on key strategic initiatives. For selected clients, we can also offer services like IT ecommerce maintenace, customer support, packaging procurement and fulfillment services. Click here to learn more about our full service ecommerce options.

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Albert Kempa

Selected past ecommerce projects

Burger King - Case Study

Burger King

Burger King needed a way to keep up with the increasing demand of mobile orders and also build customer loyalty. See how we helped them do exactly that.

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Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka - Case Study

Wieliczka Salt Mine

One of Poland’s biggest tourist attractions, the Wieliczka Salt Mine, needed a mobile app and site that could handle round-the-clock bookings for a variety of tours. See how Move Closer went above and beyond.

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What our customers say

The process

Initial briefing

The process starts with you sending us a basic initial briefing of what you want to achieve. You fill out the form and get quick estimate of our pricing here.

Understanding your business goals and value proposition

The next step is an interview with the business owners, which gives us more basic insight into your business case. The interview usually is a three to four-hour session split into hourly increments. The session is generally conducted on-site but can be done remotely. Its goal is to help us understand your goals, customers, and marketing strategy and gives us a chance to learn what makes you different in your industry.

Preparing a solution and estimation

Our business experts sit down with the technical minds of our team and get to work on creating a solution that meets your business goals. This solution is holistic in the sense that it works with other aspects of your business, and it created with the unique value propositions of your business in mind. Included in this solution will be a work flow, delivery date and approximate cost.

Final workshop

When both parties are happy with the details of the solution, we hold a final workshop with key stakeholders in your business to bring them up to speed about how we plan to work, and ensure that the finer details of the cooperation are ironed out. We then get to work on taking your business to the next level.

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