Development & DevOps

Enterprises have been the driving force behind the dramatic increase and reliance on custom software development and DevOps in the last few years. Enterprises that demand bespoke software built from scratch are the driving force behind a lot of innovation in various industries. This software helps the customers of those enterprises, who often number in the millions, access a product or service quicker or easier, or changes the way that enterprises operates internally.

To get that entirely custom software up, running and implemented in the shortest time possible, businesses have been exploring frameworks like DevOps to improve the deployment process and launch quicker. Many competitors who are already using custom software, the only way to fight back and foster healthy competition is to do the same - reduce time to market and innovate more.

DevOps is the combination of operations and development. Its goal is to shorten the development lifecycle of a product and get it to market sooner. Due to the nature of custom software being entirely made from scratch, development cycles are usually longer, owing to the number of features that need to work coherently within the single piece of software. DevOps works to minimise the time to market for custom software by making the most of both the developer’s and operation’s management teams.

Rather than two fragmented teams that work separated and independently of each other, DevOps sees the two parties combine efforts and work together in cross-team collaborations to make the development of custom software quicker.